A celebration of Ruth Rendell

When Ruth Rendell died in May 2015, a wealth of writers – not all of them crime authors – and publications acknowledged Ruth’s unique talent. To celebrate the publication of Dark Corners, here are some of her many admirers, together with a selection of the reviews for her final novel.

‘Rendell was unequivocally the most brilliant mystery writer of our time’ Patricia Cornwell

‘When many of the literary novelists of our time are forgotten, Ruth Rendell’s books will remain, and future generations will see that not only did she keep her readers on tenterhooks with every book, she also wrote stories which held up a mirror to her times’ Daily Mail

‘Rendell set an extraordinarily high benchmark in crime fiction that continued throughout her long career. She is revered by all who came after her’ Ian Rankin

‘Rendell was a prolific and hugely popular writer of intricately plotted mystery novels that combined psychological insight, social conscience and, not infrequently, teeth-chattering terror’ New York Times

‘Rendell’s work, mapping the manic and malevolent extremes of human behaviour, was distinguished by terse yet elegant prose and sharp psychological insights’ Daily Telegraph

‘Rendell’s novels have been a major force in lifting crime writing out of genre fiction and into both cutting-edge and mainstream literature’ Jeanette Winterson

‘Ruth Rendell: one of the all-time greats’ Sophie Hannah

‘Rendell transformed what had become a staid and formulaic genre into a different kind of crime novel. She turned it into a prism for examining the world around her with a critical eye’ Val McDermid

Praise for Dark Corners:

‘Every aspect of Ruth Rendell’s dark art is splendidly showcased in Dark Corners. One can’t say she saved the best for last, because a great many books by Ms Rendell and her alter ego Barbara Vine are so splendid, but it’s among the best. You won’t put it down. I loved it’ Stephen King

‘This is the innocent-seeming start of a journey into the very darkest recesses of the human mind; for such a nice woman, Rendell had an amazing empathy with psychotic killers. Dark Corners is Rendell at her incomparable best; talk about going out in style!’ Saga Magazine – Book of the Month

‘You read with a growing sense of horror’ Metro

‘A gripping story, showcasing her ability to convey the claustrophobia of a soured relationship’ Sunday Telegraph

‘It reads like a twisted fairy tale… it leaves an uneasiness behind like a dark stain on the consciousness’ The Independent

 Read an extract from Dark Corners here

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