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‘Greed, viciousness, duplicity, exploitation, hedonism and aggression feature prominently among the values our company encourages and rewards.’

Is it any wonder A&R man Steven Stelfox is doing quite so well? Slashing and burning his way through the music industry, fuelled by egotism and inhuman quantities of booze and Class As, Stelfox is living the dream.

Do you want to go back to the time when New Labour was cool, Britpop battles made the news, greed was good and we all had tons of cash? ‘Course you do – and now you can.

American Psycho meets The X FactorGuardian

KILL YOUR FRIENDS, the bestselling novel by John Niven, is now A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING NICHOLAS HOULT. In cinemas November 6.

The film tie-in edition of the book is available in your local bookstore or online from 29 October.

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